First year M.Des Interior Design student at Sheffield Hallam Uni.

Written Brief: Rainforest Adventure

Rainforest Adventure”, situated in Sheffield’s Winter Gardens, is an engaging and safe playground environment for children aged between 4 and 10. Parents can feel safe leaving their children under the supervision of the centre’s “Rainforest Wardens”, all of whom are trained in first aid, leaving them free to finally finish that all important christmas shopping. Not only is Rainforest Adventure a more exciting alternative to being dragged around the shops by Mum, it is also educational. Learn about the layers that make up a rainforest, feeling the leaves and textures of real rainforest plants on your journey up to the top of ”Canopy Slide”. Or explore the twisting “Buttress Roots Climbing Frame”, what rainforest animals can you hear round each corner? As the generation of tomorrow, young visitors are also taught about deforestation, the devastating impact it has on our planet and what they can do to help at home.

Designed to look, feel, hear and smell like a real rainforest, everyone that enters leaves feeling like a real rainforest explorer.

Factoria Joven/Youth Factory (Merida, Spain), Selgascano Architects

"Sculptural Playground" Schulberg (Wiesbaden, Germany), ANNABAU Architektur und Landschaft 

Maison des Petits/House of Little Ones (Paris, France) Matali Crasset

Tuka-Tuka-Land Kindergarten (Berlin, Germany) Baupiloten

"Snug" UK Trailer

Snug & Outdoor

making creative playgrounds…

"Snug & Outdoor" create exciting & imaginative play areas for schools, local authorities, housing schemes and charities. We were shown this company in a presentation and I was drawn to its use of abstract & organic shapes in its designs, so I decided to research it further.

New Use Proposal

Brief: Using the same building as in previous tasks (Winter Gardens), propose, design & present a new use concept for the chosen building/site. It must focus on exploring how the proposed new use can improve the functionality of the place for the people that it is serving. 

The new use proposal should be presented by: a written brief of the new use explaining what it adds to the existing site; a white card 3D model to show the proposal in context & how it responds to it; a minimum of one 2D visualisation of the proposal to show its construction/materiality and a 2 minute “pitch” of the proposal to be presented Weds 26th Oct. 

Upon hearing the brief I revisited the Winter Gardens so I could sit and observe first hand how it currently functioned. I noticed how many people used it simply as a through-passage, a novel detour on their way to and from the bustling shops. However, I became quickly inspired by a child who repeatedly tried to climb on the plant beds whilst his mother struggled with shopping bags.

I came up with the idea to transform the Winter Gardens into a children’s play area. I wanted to create a safe environment where parents could leave children under supervision leaving them free to go shopping, which I feel will become increasingly more popular as the holiday season approaches. I wanted to give the play area a purpose, so it was not only fun, but educational too; children could learn about the rainforest and the importance of saving it, along with other ecological issues facing their generation. 

Having no previous knowledge of playground design I decided to do further research into established organisations that work on this kind of project, and how I would be able to adapt the Winter Gardens into a fun, safe and educational environment. 

How and why do designers use concepts?
Haute Couture Hotels

Missoni Hotel (Edinburgh

Each an every Missoni Hotel is unique, an individual expression of Rosita Missoni’s creative vison…Relaxed and beautiful interiors inspired by Italian family life. And Passion.

Maison Moschino (Milan)

"Entering the Maison Moschino is like falling down a rabbit hole: after a while, you come to expect the unexpected…Highly imaginative and eccentric, we created the spaces to inspire the mind while the body relaxes"

Zetter Townhouse (London)

The Zetter Townhouse is the sister (or perhaps more like the eccentric Aunt) of the Zetter Hotel

La Maison Champs-Elysees (Paris)

"The Maison Champs Elysées opens the doors to a new world of luxury and poetry, a relaxed atmosphere in which minimalism is enhanced by an incredible attention to detail. It is a place that tells a story, the interiors of this remarkable hotel are carefully orchestrated like a playful, provocative theatrical production"

The Hotel Plaza Athenee (Paris)

"Once upon a time, the palace of tomorrow…This truly parisian luxury property filled with elegance and charm, is ideally located between the Avenue des Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, at the crossroads of fashion, entertainment and business"

White card 3D model.